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I offer courses in modern Middle Eastern and global histories. At UC Davis, I specialize in courses on migration, displacement, and refugees; labor and working-class histories; Ottoman, Arab, and Assyrian diasporas. I also offer a sequence in international migration.

2022-23 Course Schedule

Courses Taught at UC Davis

  • Introduction to Global Migration History (HIS 19)
  • Comparative Bans and Border Walls (HIS 102x)
  • History of the Modern Middle East, 1750-1914 (HIS 193a)
  • History of the Modern Middle East from 1914 (HIS 193b)
  • Partition! When Borders Cross Us (HIS 110w)
  • Global Migrations (HIS 110w)
  • Forced Migration in the Middle East and South Asia (MSA 180)
  • Graduate Seminar in Global Migrations (HIS 201w)
  • Second-Year Graduate Research Seminar (HIS 203a/b/c)