Migrants and Refugees in Modern Middle East

Course Description: 

This course examines the history of mass migration, displacement, and statelessness in the Middle East from the eighteenth century to the present.  An overview of migration within and from the region, this course addresses how Middle Eastern states have shaped their populations through migration policy, settler colonization, forced resettlement, expulsion, denationalization, or international population exchanges.

The course analyzes migration through mixed interdisciplinary methods, and weekly seminar readings target unique conceptual approaches to migration systems (these are bolded in the course schedules). This iteration was offered at Fresno State University in Spring 2017 as a Social Sciences Interdisciplinary seminar (SSCI) serving the History major, Middle East Studies minor, and the certificates in Jewish Studies and Victimology.

Course Syllabus: Migrants and Refugees Spring 2017 (Fresno State)