September 10, 2020: this month, the Arab American National Museum announced the recipients of their annual book awards and Between the Ottomans and the Entente is among 2020’s honorees! The AANM’s program honors books written by and about Arab Americans, generating greater awareness of Arab American scholarship and writing.

Between the Ottomans and the Entente is 2020’s awardee in non-fiction, winning the Evelyn Shakir Award named for one of the Arab American studies field’s founders. The book shares the honor with Massoud Hayoun’s When We Were Arabs.

From the press release:

“Fahrenthold’s book exemplifies the qualities sought by the Book Award criteria. A highly accessible yet deep scholarly study that is both an important addition as well as a timely exposition of a community’s historical interventions. It is a rich examination of migration communities, the volatility of displacement and movement, all within the backdrop of a history reaching its century mark. Fahrenthold is an excellent narrator of Arab migration history and a careful and innovative researcher. The book offers an expansive configuration of Arab Americans beyond the US. It is a novel take on early immigrants who are often framed as assimilationists. Instead here we see some of the ways they engaged with politics and the state, and were able to impact their homelands from the diaspora, a reversal of direction that is useful and necessary in diaspora studies. We found the text had broad teachability across Arab American studies, Middle East history, diaspora studies, and Modernity courses.”

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