December 10, 2019: more big news! Between the Ottomans and the Entente has been awarded the Syrian Studies Association’s 2019 Book Prize. Awarded annually for over fifteen years, the SSA awards recognize scholars whose recent work has made a distinguished contribution to the field of Syrian Studies. From the award committee’s announcement:

“This transnational history of migration and migration politics pushes the narrative of World War I in the Middle East into the Americas and, at the same time, challenges traditional territorial conceptions of Syria and Lebanon. By combining trans-Atlantic Arabic newspapers with U.S. and French archival documents, Fahrenthold demonstrates that the mahjar exerted considerable influence on the Mashriq. Both the Ottomans and the French paid careful attention to the political mood and investment capital in the Levantine diaspora. The value of the work is self-evident to historians of the modern bilad-al-Sham; In the 1920s, the mahjar became a salient factor in determining where the new borders would lie and who would be included in the nations in the Levant. Moreover, historians of the United States will find a fascinating account on the making of early U.S. foreign policy toward the post-Ottoman Arab world and U.S. policies on migration from the Middle East. In the age of mass Syrian refugee migration, Fahrenthold’s beautifully written book enriches our knowledge about the transnational Levantine diaspora.”

The full-text announcement appears in the Fall 2019 Syrian Studies Association Bulletin. I’m floored, at this point, that the work is making its mark in Middle Eastern studies and want to thank the SSA for their engagement with my book!