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New Texts Out Now interview with Jadaliyya

August 23 2019: this week Jadaliyya excerpted a portion of Between the Ottomans and the Entente together with a brief interview about the project for their “New Texts Out Now” series. The full interview can be viewed at this link:,-Between-the-Ottomans-and-the-Entente-The-First-World-War-in-the-Syrian-and-Lebanese-Diaspora,-1908-1925-New-Texts-Out-Now

From the piece:

This book begins with a deceptively simple idea: that mass migration from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine shaped Middle Eastern politics at the end of the Ottoman period and that consequently, the “mahjar matters.” But there is more to it than this: the effacement of migrants and diasporas from histories of the region—usually by means of reliance on state archives and state-centric modes of inquiry—has produced a fictive rift in the historiography of the Levant. The European Mandates established after World War I not only enacted policies to partition the Mashriq from the mahjar, but in doing so it also generated specific legal fictions about the mahjar that persist in popular memory until now.

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