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Brief piece online: The Power of Small Stories: a Syrian Abroad in World War I

22 January 2018: I’ve posted a reflection on microhistory in the Syrian mahjar over at Medium. Based on the life of one Syrian migrant living in Boston, the piece considers how the pursuit of individual stories can challenge the expectations of nationalist histories and area studies alike.

From the post:

“[Khayrallah’s] story defies the expectations of nationalist historiographies which would scatter his life across several contexts, depriving it of its coherence and explanatory power. The collapsing of contexts — the Syrian with the American — was precisely his political goal. Historians of migration must build analytical units which remain true to the social geographies of such individuals. In such a story, migrants like Jurj Khayrallah appear not as liminal agents at the margins of many histories at once; they are central actors in a transnational history which microhistorical methods render accessible.”

The entire piece can be accessed here:

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