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Fresno Media coverage of Trump’s Executive Order and its impact on campus life

1 February 2017: Trump’s January 27 Executive Order, colloquially understood as the #MuslimBan, sparked immediate protest at airports and initiated a series of federal court challenges which are ongoing. As a scholar of Middle Eastern migration I am watching these developments with trepidation. I have resolved to respond to these developments with a series of publications in a public humanities vein (more on that as it develops).

More generally, as an educator working with students who have been impacted by this unconstitutional and impracticable executive order, I want to do what I can to highlight the various ways that immigration bans and restrictionist policies hurt my campus community at Fresno State. This week I had two interviews with local media: a television interview with ABC30 in Fresno, and a conversation with the Fresno Bee.

Links to those two stories appear below:

ABC 30 Fresno, “Fresno State struggling with immigration restrictions and what they could mean for campus,” 31 January 2017.

Fresno Bee, “Trump executive order on immigrants bars people with ties to the central San Joaquin valley,” 31 January 2017.

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