28 December 2016: this spring I’ll be at the Organization of American Historians (OAH) annual meeting in New Orleans to join a Roundtable in Arab American History. The session was solicited by OAH’s Program Committee in the interest of incorporating Arab American studies into the organization’s coverage of Asian American history. Sarah Gualtieri, John Tofik Karam, Sally Howell, Charlotte Karem Albrecht, and I will discuss new research in this field and its capacity for opening up the study of pan-American spaces through diasporic networks.

The session is on 6 April at 2 pm, and can be viewed on the OAH program here.

Abstract: This roundtable brings together five scholars with extensive publication records in Arab American studies to discuss the fruitful intersections of their research and teaching with Middle East, critical ethnic, Muslim American, Latin American, and queer studies. They will focus on three topics: 1) the ways our methods track migrants who circulate across multiple archival regimes; 2) the importance of conceptualizing Arab America as an expansive process-oriented terrain that pushes against the territorial determinism of area studies and of nationalist historiographies, while not losing sight of the site-specific microhistories in, for example, Detroit and San Paulo; and 3) the ethical challenges of our scholarship as we encounter the destruction of state archives in the Middle East, face road blocks in accessing displaced persons, and confront the pernicious effects of anti-Arab immigrant discourse in the United States and beyond.