3 November 2016: a new digital sourcebook on the cultural history of World War I includes two Arab American sources that I contributed and introduced. The sourcebook is among the publications of a three year project funded by the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) and led by Dr. Santanu Das (King’s College London.) The project, called “Cultural Exchange in a Time of Global Conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Belligerents during the First World War,” brought together scholars from the EU, UK, and US in a series of workshops, conferences, and archival events which culminated in new collaborative work designed to retell the story of the First World War through the lens of global cultural exchange.

The Sourcebook brings together  hundreds of documents relating to the war through the eyes of individuals: memoirs, letters, photos, and music clips, most of which are freshly digitized and made available here for the first time. After attending the CEGC conference at Kings College London in January 2016 I was asked to contribute a couple of items representing the role Syrian and Arab American soldiers played in the armies of the Entente. Working with the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, MI, I contributed and introduced two items from that museum’s Evelyn Shakir Collection: